Dance of Earth & Spirit – The Movie!

Twenty years in the making, “The Dance of Earth & Spirit” chronicles the life of Kutira and Raphael, and their quest for true sustainability. With a mélange of both historical and new footage, a remote part of Maui transforms into an ecological paradise by merging ancient traditions with cutting edge science, driven by the power of Spiritual Embodiment. Discovering the ecological miracle of bamboo, they built the first permitted bamboo house on U.S. soil, leading their modest lives to the Himalayas and the Kingdom of Bhutan. In sharing their story, they give us practical steps to start our journey to true sustainability. “The Dance of Earth & Spirit” honors Mother Earth in creating a sustainable blueprint for generations searching for their Eco-Soul.

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Surrender to Love


An authentic Tantric ritual marriage with Buddhist monks, Hawaiian Kahunas and shamanic healers in a lush and rich environment. This is a unique experience unlike anything you have seen before. 

Women of Spirit

In this sumptuous feast for eyes and hearts Kutira guides a group of

Women through temples, palaces and luscious nature, revealing

to them their own power through ritual and ceremonies in one

of the most beautiful cultures in the world. This pilgrimage

of self-discovery is filled with dance, prayer, poetry and

song, honoring the body mind and soul. Bali is a land where

Spirit is infused in the daily life of the land and community. It is a

 place where Spirit is alive and many faiths coexist in harmony.

Women of Spirit inspires us to bring this grace into our everyday

lives and is dedicated to the celebration of the feminine creative



Spirit in the body

 For thirty years Raphael and Kutira have been performing concerts worldwide. These concerts are truly unique due to their shamanic qualities; the essential calling forth of spiritual energies. These multifaceted performances creates an opportunity for you to dance into a pulsating human experience. “To heal is to make whole”. Spirit in the body takes us into a journey into the roots of where their music comes from.

Spirit in the Body Trailer


Having played music with many healers such as Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Zukov, Fritz Pearls and Gabriel Roth, Raphael has been a pioneer in discovering new ways and understanding of the art of music healing. In this fun interview you will learn some of the latest scientific discoveries of how sound and music affect the chemicals and immune system of the human body.


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