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We are about to go on a wonderful and powerful musical journey. And today we’re going to look at the map of this journey.  We’re using the human body as our map. So.  Let’s take a look at where we are right now

If you’re a beginner in music, this is the place to be. Raphael and Kutira have a unique talent for teaching things that appear to be complicated, in a clear, simple and fun way.  Clear meaning easy to understand and simple meaning easy to duplicate, You can easily take it home with you.  And fun? The way something is taught is as important as what is taught.

If you’re a professional musician, this is the place to be.  Here in Maui Kutira and Raphael are frontiersmen and tend to go where no one has gone before. Here you will be learning things that you will learn nowhere else. You’ll learn what harmonies create certain emotions, what intervals channel certain energies, which tempos inspire the body in certain ways. There are many books about these things. Here, we’ve put it all in one golden package. It’s like discovering the Rosetta Stone of music. It’s a whole new world and this gives you a lot of power. Use it wisely.

Now if you’re not a musician, this is the place to be. Plato said that the highest teachings are of geometrical forms and musical harmonies. Geometry, the root of all form, and as for Music; here you will be studying the substance of the universe. Einstein’s right. Everything is vibration and we will be traveling and discovering the essence of the universe in a whole new way.

And now for the map.  Let’s take a look at the body.

Down in the pelvis area is where the power of

God is expressed. The heart area is where the love of God is expressed, in the mind area is where the clarity of God is expressed and all religions talk about an energy center just above the head where the spirit of God is expressed. Down here in Africa and South America “I got the power boom boom boom boom. In the heart area in Mexico, the Mediterranean, Maui, Jerusalem and Tibetan monasteries, things get romantic and compassionate here. And up in the mind area is German scientist, Russian Scientist. English scientist, Nobel Prize in physics and so on. And above the head is where logic and reason kind of fall away.

So ……Bass and drums move the pelvis, harmonies move the heart by invoking emotions, melody and words give the mind something to fly with. And frequencies and sound healing move the spiritual center. Probably the greatest music in the world is music that vibrates all of these centers at the same time.

What we have here is a webinar with a group of series which we call chapters and each chapter is a universe unto itself and can take you all the way to enlightenment. So let’s travel up the spine through the chapters.

Chapter 1: The power of rhythm 

Rhythms are the language of the body. Here, we’re going to explore ancient African rhythms such as the Gota and Akbaja and indigenous tribal rhythms from many other cultures. Why, because all the other rhythms come from these places. So if you master these ancient rhythms, it’s easy to master all the other more complicated rhythms. Playing Drums requires an experience of inner power and an attitude of service.

Chapter 2: the Richness of harmonies

Harmonies have to do with relationships between notes. The heart has to do a lot with relationships. Harmonies create emotions. The emotions are your allies. Anger allows you to say no to degradation, Sadness shows you what’s important in life. Fear calls you to action and joy is an empowering emotion, compassion is all of the emotions. Relationships between frequencies are where the ecstasy is. This is a kind of a mystical journey.

Chapter 3: The ecstasy of song writing

You can’t write a song unless you’re in a rich state of love. You go into the heart and out comes emotions that give you melodies and poetry. Having worked with children a lot we’ve noticed that once they really get how to compose their own songs their all over the place with new songs.  Adults are a little harder to work with.

Chapter 4: The spiritual center

This is where we remember who we really are. We expand into something greater than a body-mind. Sure we will be studying the latest scientific discoveries of vibration, frequency, resonance and colors of sound, however, we will also be learning the beingness of music. This is where science and beingness come together.

They’ve been doing scientific studies at Stanford School of medicine in conjunction with Heart Math Institute on how sound and music affect the chemicals and immune system of the human body.  What they do is have a group of people and measure the strength of their immune system, white blood cells, ph balance, Alkaline-acidic and so on. Then they put them in a room and play music for them. Then they immediately take them in a room and measure the strength of their immune system again to see what changes happened in their body when they listened to the music.

Now they discovered many impressive things that we will be looking at. However, Long story short: It’s not so much the form of the music that does the healing as it is the state that the musician is in when making the music that does the healing. You’d be surprised what sound carries. If I had a recording of His Holiness the Dali lama meditating and I played it in this room you wouldn’t hear anything except maybe a shshshshs at best but this room would change. That macrocosm he’s in is contagious and is carried through sound. This opens up many possibilities in music healing.

Chapter 5: Music and your body

This is a powerful chapter regarding how to prepare yourself to be a channel of the divine.

Chapter 6: The essence of singing

All aspects will be covered. Breathing, vibrato, intonation and expression.

Chapter 7:  The science of fame

If you have something authentic to give to the world, it’s not egotistical to look at fame.

Chapter 8: James Brown and gospel music   

Hey, I’m from the south and we gotta do this.!

Chapter 9: the secrets of classical music

For example, there is a way of playing classical music a way that changes the molecules and chemicals in the air to where you can literally smell perfume on the air. This is just one of many secrets.

Chapter 10: Interdimensional communication made easy

Each soul is a frequency and like a radio station you tune into the frequency 0f a soul and you’re there.

And as the next 10-year journey goes on there will probably be other chapters in the distant future.

When I was being raised back in Oklahoma in the ’40s and 50’s, an American Indian named Chief Bushy Head was my babysitter and I saw him do miracles and healings all over the place. so I asked him how he did it and he said, “Oh I’m just an old Indian with a bag of tricks”. Yes, he had beingness, he could just walk into a room and the room would change. But he also had his bag of tricks, certain techniques, medicines and ways he could use when needed.  So on this journey, you will learn beingness and you will also have scientific discoveries and techniques to draw upon. So like Chief Bushy Head, you’ll have your Beingness and also your bag of tricks to using when needed.  That is the end of the journey and the beginning of a new journey.  Soooo let the journey begin !!!








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