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The Mother of all Diets

Hippocrates was right when he said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. It turns out that a strong alkaline diet is the center of a healing diet, as well as a strong raw food diet. These two diets put together creates the final diet. All other diets, based on this.  In most cases, you can’t grow cancer in an alkaline body. You can’t have a heart attack in an alkaline body. The body has to reach a certain acidic level to have a heart attack.  Of course, there are other influences as well, but an alkaline body is the bottom line body with which you want to heal and grow.

One of the most important measurements of your health is the PH levels of your blood. The alkaline/acidic balance is also known as the PH level.

We even hear of alkaline batteries because they last longer and have more energy. Acid corrodes. Alkaline builds. With the popular acid diet, we are literally rotting from the inside out with the acids we put in our body.  And the earth itself is rotting from too much acidity. So it is of supreme importance to maintain our alkaline (PH) balance.

I personally cured Lime Disease with early antibiotics and months of alkaline intake, and the list of healings of myself and others is staggering, to say the least.  We’re talking about the healing of diabetes, liver problems, genetic birth defects, and on and on and on.

Have you noticed that elderly people are known to have weak bones? That’s because they spent a lifetime eating acidic food and their bones were being eaten up. For example, sugar is very acidic and is known to eat away at the enamel of your teeth.

So a diet of 80% alkaline food and 20% acidic food is optimal. When you eat alkaline food, you will feel it! You wind up feeling a sense of well-being, and you feel at home in your body. Now the body does need some acidic food. When you eat acidic food, you feel like going out on a Saturday night and raise Heaven, or wrestle your girlfriend, or play football or something. Also, note that all foods are not totally alkaline or acidic; it’s just that some foods are more alkaline than acidic. All physical manifestations have the seed of their apparent opposite.

The following pages, which list the foods, that are alkaline and acidic are some of the most important pages you have ever been given.  The odds are that the day will come when you know someone who has cancer or Ding Fever or the flu, and you will copy these pages and give them and get them started on this diet, and they will forever thank you for it.

Now when you show this diet to someone, they may resist by saying “this is just another diet”. So I would show them the science and tell them to Google  “Dr. Young’.  I know, funny, but that’s his real name. Tony Robbins is really behind this diet and has released amazing audio recordings showing the science behind this diet. The CDs are called”The Energy Report” Also read Kevin Trudeau’s book” NATURAL CURES THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT”.  In this book, Trudeau shows not only the science but also shows meticulously how drug companies have spent millions of dollars to hide this information.  Frightening.

Cancer.  About a year ago, on the cover of Time Magazine, there was a big headline that said, We have lost the war on cancer. After many years and millions of dollars, there has been no cure. Well, I have read that  Dr. Young says that there is no such thing as cancer cells. He points out that if you have a barrel of apples, you eventually see some of them rot and go brown. That’s because as they rot they become acidic,  and they literally eat themselves. Similarly, when the body is too acidic, it begins to eat itself. It is very difficult to grow cancer in an alkaline body.

There are ways of creating what I call an “alkaline flush”, (meaning-making the body alkaline fast and full-on). Here are some ways.

  1. One-third lemon juice and two-thirds water (no sugar or honey). You easily develop a taste for it, and you will feel it!
  2. Two cups of baking soda in a mildly warm water bath.  (This you will really feel!)  We go to Costco and buy big economical bags of baking soda.
  3. Lots of Vitamin C
  4. Chlorophyll ( dark greens like parsley, spinach, or kale, or it is available in liquid form in a bottle).  For emergencies – 1 tsp. of chlorophyll in 8 oz of water.  This neutralizes acid responses such as food poisoning.

Chlorophyll is captured sunlight and is big medicine.

So when I’m with someone with cancer, flu, or whatever, I get out the lemon juice and baking soda and flush that person into an alkaline state, and show them the four pages showing what foods will keep them alkaline.

You might think it strange that lemon and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) would have an alkaline effect on the body instead of acidic. However, for some reason, these particular foods create an alkaline flush. You’ll feel it!  When I was in Asia, if anybody had a swollen finger or some other problem, they would rub lemon juice on it as a cure for that and almost everything else. Lemon is good medicine.

Baking soda is kind of interesting. The famous Arm & Hammer baking soda came from a German in America named Armenheimer who said that between lives he made a commitment to bring more alkalinity to an acidic planet. So he brought this to us in the form of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda.

Now the bad news. All the fun food is acidic, and all the “boring” food is alkaline.

You’ll notice that most of the carbohydrates are listed as acidic. Back in the days of China’s golden time when you had documented Emperors of China living to be 200 and 250 years old, they didn’t even touch carbohydrates. (Grains and bread and so forth).  Protein and vegetables were their mainstays. Only until overpopulation came around did they finally open the doors to carbohydrates. When you think of carbs, think sugar, and then think alcohol. And we Americans love our “druggy” food and constantly seek stimulants. Most fast-food restaurants know all sorts of stuff to put in food that makes the food addictive. Benjamin Franklin said, “Americans don’t die naturally, they eat themselves to death”. The way out is to make alkaline food fun. My wife is a master of this with all sorts of recipes.

In my own journey as a musician, I have noticed that there are alkaline sounds as well as acidic sounds. For example, heavy metal music is acidic, and Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing ” is more alkaline. There are also alkaline thoughts, emotions, settings, colors, and so on. And you can pretty much feel what’s what.

Raw Food is Fun! (From a man’s point of view)

Now we go into raw versus cooked food. I once saw a Kirlian photograph of a raw spinach leaf.  Kirlian photography shows light emanating from something that cannot be seen by the human eye. Shining out of a raw leaf was lots of light!  Spinach has lots of chlorophyll that captures sunlight….imagine the light radiating from this!  Then I was shown a Kirlian photograph of a cooked spinach leaf, there was no light!  It was destroyed. It was dead food. And that about sums it up.  When you cook food, you are literally killing the food and taking the life and light from it –think electromagnetic power and energy.  You may wonder about “chronic fatigue syndrome” which is so popular these days. That’s because people insist on eating dead food. Non-energetic food. The very life force has been taken out of cooked food. Scientists can now measure the energy value in food. For example, an avocado can have an energy value of 70 megahertz. A hamburger is about 3 megahertz. The statistics are staggering. Vast amounts of live enzymes, vitamins, and more are eliminated by cooking. Sometimes as much as 90%. Whew!

And please….don’t rely on me solely as a source for this information. Consciously compare. For example, eat a raw spinach leaf, and then see how your body feels. Then eat a cooked spinach leaf, and see how your body feels. You will immediately feel the difference.

Now dig this.  It’s not just fruit and vegetables we’re talking about. We are also talking about raw protein. You need protein; that’s how we humans evolved.  We’re talking about raw eggs, raw meat, raw fish, raw milk, raw cheese, and even raw butter. I know, I know….you’re probably thinking “yuck!”  However, after I got over my past brainwashing, it became a whole new wonderful world. For example, I can’t eat cooked eggs anymore. When I eat a cooked egg, it just sits in my stomach and goes blah! However, when I eat a raw egg, it goes whump!  Superman!!!  I can feel it assimilate into my body immediately. I have since developed a taste for it, and now I am a connoisseur of eggs and can describe the uniqueness of each egg.  And these are free-range eggs I bought at a health food store. (I probably would be a little skeptical about saying Safeway eggs). Also, it is best to eat them after they have been out of the refrigerator for a few days. Eat them warm. You’ll get more protein that way.

Also at the health food store, I buy raw cheese ( it will say it on the label, it’s compressed not cooked). Once again, you’ll notice a big difference.  Eat cooked cheese, then raw cheese, and you will taste and feel a world of difference!

When my wife and I were touring in Los Angeles, CA, we saw very well-to-do businessmen who had raw meat, butter, milk, and eggs delivered to their house on a weekly basis.  They tended to live on a diet of raw protein and raw green drinks. They looked great!  Another example, most American Indians would not cook meat. They would just hang it out in the sun to dry.

And of course, there is raw (dehydrated) bread, and my wife has all sorts of recipes for that. The bread she makes with all sorts of spices can equal the most sinful pizza, and yet it is healthy and enzyme-rich!

How can you make raw food fun?  By eating consciously.  By closing your eyes and tasting each bite and receive the energy and pleasure of each bite. You can imagine how embarrassed my wife gets when we go out to eat and I’m sitting there in the restaurant with my eyes shut in ecstasy, tasting each bite and people are looking at me like I’m crazy!

I remember once when at a restaurant, I was tasting the food so much that I could see the chef who prepared it in my mind. His vibes were all over the food.

After awhile, I went into the chef’s vibration and saw that he was having relationship problems.  After I finished my meal, I went back into the kitchen, and, by gosh, there was the man I envisioned.  I asked him if he was having relationship problems, and boy did he come at me with all sorts of sadness and stuff and I wound up having to do some counseling with him. Sorry I asked.

Looking at this makes me wonder if the reason that people tend to talk or watch TV when they eat is because they don’t want to feel the vibrations coming out of the processed food they are eating.

And so, bottom line, your attitude is important in your eating.  You are the creator and artist of your life. Enjoy!











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