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The Mother of All Breathing

Breathing is sacred. When you breathe, you are the breath of God. The secret is to breathe totally. Breathe in with your entire body. Modern-day science, as well as thousands of years of spiritual teachers, have told us that when you breathe totally it strengthens the body, mind and spirit.

Of course, when you breathe in, the physical air goes just into the lungs. That’s where it stops. However, inside of the air are tiny particles of energy known as prana.  When you breathe totally those particles of energy flow throughout the entire body and that is ecstasy!

So how to breathe totally? Basically, you have to remind your body how to breathe like a baby. Have you ever watched a baby breathe? They just let their belly hang out and don’t give a hoot. And you can easily see their belly go out when they breathe in and their belly go in when they breathe out.

As we get older we tend to suck the belly in and breathe in a shallow way. We have to relearn to breathe totally again like a baby. And it’s not hard to do and it’s a lot of fun.

So let’s look at and experience breathing into the belly.

“The 108 breathing”
The Mother of All Breathing

    1. Lie down on your back and breathe all the air out of your lungs.
    2. Breathe in through the nose and expand your pelvis and belly and like a beautiful wave going up let your ribs and chest expand and the wave goes up to the neck and head. Feel the ecstasy of that wave going up.
    3. Now open your mouth real wide (this allows for the most toxins to be released) and gently but forcibly shoot the air out of your lungs while dynamically collapsing in your body inward. The belly sinks in and you imagine your whole torso collapsing inward as your spine curves inward.
    4. Repeat this 108 times.

After doing this exercise once a day for about 10 days you’ll probably notice something change in your body. Your body will start to remember the old way of breathing and your breathing in everyday life will change automatically.  From then on when you breathe in instead of trying to suck down the air in your lungs, you will feel energy rising up your spine (kundalini) that makes your breathing easier and more vital. Also, you will have more awareness of your pelvis. You’re literally bringing more oxygen to the pelvis.  And that really is ecstasy! There are all sorts of health benefits to this.

One of the benefits of this kind of breathing is that it inspires Undulation. Undulation is big medicine. Undulation inspires the cerebral spinal fluid to rise in the body and strengthen the immune system.  How did belly dancing start? It started as a tradition in Turkey. When a woman was giving birth, other ladies would gather around her and belly dance and thus inspire the mother of undulate creating an easy birth. Of course whales and dolphins are constantly undulating which has been an inspiring expression to many healers.

The Trap
Attitude is of supreme importance. When Raphael first did this exercise he made it to 40 and then went into a zone. He didn’t’ t go into an “ Oh, I don’t like this exercise it’s too hard and I’ll never make it to 108”. Instead, he said “Wow I made it to 40, I’m a big tuff big shot.” He celebrated who he was at that time. And the next day he made it to 50 and so on until after a few days he made it to 108. And now he can easily do 300. It’s like riding a bicycle, something clicks and you are a master.

First of all your breathing changes and becomes more natural. Also, Raphael likes this exercise because it makes his pinus bigger (more oxygen). And he says, “before I did this exercise I could barely feel my perineum,” after doing this exercise “ My perineum is my friend!” Although this exercise is equally good for both men and women it is especially good for men. When men curve their spine inward on the out-breath they tend to squeeze their anus like a deer and this brings the cerebral spinal fluid up and that’s big healing and balancing. You can do this excessively slow, fast, or medium. Follow your own rhythm and style and soon you will follow your ecstatic breathing.








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