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“When describing miracles, it is best to be meticulous.” – American Indian Saying

Being in a Whale’s Body
by Raphael

So I was in California making an album and my wife Kutira was in Bali leading a workshop. And I missed my wife.

So I thought this is the New Age and I could just leave my body and go see her. Usually, I would empty and go into macrocosm and be inside of her body to see how she’s doing. However this time I decided to  “fly” to Bali. 

I laid my body down in the Motel 6 bathtub and emptied. I consciously left my body and found myself about 100 miles above the earth. Now to get to Bali I was going to use Maui as a midpoint. As I was traveling I saw the curvature of the earth and the Sun setting in the east. As I got over Maui, all of a sudden:


I said to the whale “I’m going to see Kutira in Bali”. The whale said in a deep resonating voice “Oh, that’s OK, you come with me”. Whoooshshsh!

“Where am I?

“Oh, about 200 feet under the surface of the Ocean,” said the whale. At first, I was scared but then I was surrounded by a very warm and mature love. I was merging with the whale. I could see sound, I could taste light. I had color X-ray vision as the whale wanted to reveal his body to me. And then I was inside his body. Each undulation was ecstatic. Each organ was a jewel. His heart was fuchsia, his lungs were white, his liver was dark green, his kidneys were sky blue and well, if I had a 12-foot penis, I’d be happy too.

So we were playing around and I said to the whale “You know, in my next lifetime I’m going to be a wild biker lady and raise heaven and have lots of fun”. Whoosh! All of a sudden, the whale’s giant eye was right in front of me and he said, “This may be your last lifetime!”  Uoooooh! There was a feeling of authenticity to what he said and there was also some serious anger regarding the human’s acidification of the ocean.

Being greedy, I said to the whale “you know the harmonies in my music have become stale and limited with nowhere to go”. The whale laughed and said “Oh, that’s ridiculous, harmonies are like the number π, they can go on and on and on.” And all of a sudden the symbol π was glowing right in front of me. Then the whale showed me rich scales and harmonies I never dreamt of.      

I never made it to Kutira’s.

A few weeks later, Kutira and I were back in Maui. At that time we were close friends with Dr. John Lilly (they made two movies about him, “Day of the Dolphin” and “Altered States”) and he sent a scientist friend over to us who had just written a book on the scientific study of whale sounds. The book was a bunch of scientific numbers and stuff and I couldn’t make much sense of it, But what was on the cover of the book? The symbol π.   Gulp!

NOTE:  Have you ever noticed how dreamy it is underwater? Scuba divers have to teach their students “stay here, stay here”.  Cause it’s so easy to go into Dreamtime or astral planes. Well, that’s where whales are at all the time. That’s their domain! Their ability to go into lucid conscious dreaming or other dimensions is far superior to us.

Proof: If you YouTube “Angels of the Deep Raphael” You’ll hear harmonies that you’ll hear nowhere else on the surface of the planet, with all sorts of miracles stories like this music being used for water birth and Lomi Lomi massage.

Kutira officiates a wedding 

Kutira, my wife and a certified minister was officiating another wedding at this big house in Maui. I was playing the music. And the couple really wanted the wedding to be outside in the huge yard.

And it was raining.

So everyone was huddled in the kitchen feeling a bit depressed and “what to do”. Kutira comes downstairs dressed in her Hawaiian garb (that was hand-made under the tutelage of Kumuhula Auli’I Mitchell). She’s bright and shiny with a big smile on her face. Immediately the rain changes to a light drizzle. She says, “OK let’s go out and do the wedding “. So we grudgingly go out and I’m scared for my poor synthesizer and I have a

towel hoping it survives this wedding. Kutira raises her hands and sings a Hawaiian chant.                

Wham! Gold sunlight! Not just regular sunlight but surreal astral bright lights shimmering all over like a painting.

Now when the wedding was over and the last tear was shed and the last hug was given, Kutira says, “ Let’s go inside and cut the cake”. And exactly when the very last person walked inside with both feet on the floor, WHAM, BIG RAIN!                               

NOTE: I’ll never understand my wife, that’s why I married her.

Understand that when Hawaiians, American Indians, Africans and other ancient traditions sing those powerful chants, they’re not just singing about how beautiful life is, their calling forth spiritual energies in a very powerful way. So it is important to honor these traditions.

Rain is considered a blessing in ancient Hawaiian tradition.

Long Distance Healing
by James Lufker

When I was in the work scholar program at Maui Eco Retreat, I got a call that my mother had cancer and it was serious. I was told that next Thursday they were going to operate on her and the cancer was so bad that they may have to take one of her kidneys out and if cancer had already got into her bloodstream she could die. If that happened I would have to leave here to go be with her. So I went to Raphael’s Thursday Shamanic night and he put our group into a deep state of meditation and we did “long distance healing” on my mother. It’s interesting to note that he didn’t have us send healing energy to her, “that’s almost like affirming she’s sick”. Instead, he guided us in visualizing her as already being healed and that was a very ecstatic experience.

On Friday morning I got a call from home that “the doctors were shocked”! No cancer anywhere! When word of this was spread around Maui Eco Retreat, it was fun to see everyone’s minds going crazy saying that maybe the doctors were wrong at the beginning and a bunch of other excuses. Anything but what we did. However, the same thing happened to my love Ginna the next Shamanic night.

NOTE: As Nelson Mandela said, “It is not our weaknesses we are afraid of, It’s our very own power that we are afraid of”.          


Another Long Distance Healing

My stepfather had a lump in his throat and I went to Raphael’s.

Shamanic night and we did long-distance healing. Raphael was able to channel the loving, joyful and protective spirit of my stepfather and we imagined him happy and healthy. I called my mom the next few days to find out that my stepfather canceled his doctor appointment because miraculously the lump and pain went away from his throat. It wasn’t till after that I told her our guided meditation prayer we prayed for him and she was amazed and was so excited to tell him what happened. Raphael’s guided healing meditations are so powerful and he showed us the power of group meditations and the results they produce. I’m so grateful! 

Gina Massaro
Spiritual Life coach     www.GinaMarie.Co

Inter Dimensional Communication
by Raphael

  Inter Dimensional Communication

My wife and I had a lady friend back in New Jersey who was in a coma for six months and ever once in a while she would wake up angry and say ‘I’ll never leave this body, I’ll never leave this body’! Well, after six months of this and realizing there wasn’t much left of her to revive, we became a bit concerned. On hearing this, Raphael rather boldly told us that we should go and talk to her in the spirit world.  I and my wife were skeptical, however, that evening we let him take us to his studio and give it a try. Within thirty minutes I was seeing her and talking to her in the spirit world. I was surprised at how easy and real it was. And there she was having a conversation with me. She was her usual angry self saying, “I’ll never leave this body!

Having studied Non-Violent Communication I simply asked her “and what is your strategy for staying in a body that can’t support life”?    She immediately got angry and walked away. We thought we had failed. However the next morning we got a phone call from New Jersey telling us that she had peacefully passed away that evening. “
Dr. Tom Manning                                                                                                                      

Transformational Music Lessons
by Raphael

Having read extensively around the subject of the healing properties of sound. Your theories are truly unique and go far beyond the traditional schools of academia. You have successfully married both the physical and spiritual dimensions of sound and have conveyed it in such a beautiful and delicate way that it is accessible to all.

“I thank you for all that you have shown and shared with me. It was a rich and truly expansive experience. Life-enhancing, life-affirming and life-changing and one I will never forget.” – All my love. Indi

“ I accomplished more in one hour with Kutira and Raphael than I’ve accomplished in several hundred hours of other therapies, workshops and sessions.” –       Wyman Sander, M.D. UCLA School of Medicine


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