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We are going to go on a journey where you will discover how music can be used for teleportation, creating universes and deeply balancing the body, heart and mind. You’ll also be surprised at how simple and clear it is to play, grow and flow with the music. Also, please be aware that music can be very powerful and therefore as Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Music Is Substance-Music Creates Universes

First of all, understand that sound is the most substantial thing we know of in the universe. The dictionary defines substance as “that which underlines all outward manifestations”. All creation begins with sound. That includes the sounds inside your head. Those thoughts that you hear inside your head are sounds. Usually in the form of words, sounds that have meaning. In Dan Brown’s latest book, “The Lost Symbol”, he says that thoughts have matter and weight. Similarly, a grain of sand has weight, not much, but when you collect lots of grains and put them together, you can create a Moon which affects the oceans and the world.

Almost all religions agree that the universe began with sound. In Hinduism the universe began with a song, In Christianity the universe began with “the word” a sound that has meaning. The Buddhist talk of the universe beginning with a musical note. This is interesting. Imagine a note vibrating and this note naturally creates above it overtones (notes unto themselves). And these overtone notes have overtones unto themselves. Think of these overtones as stars with their own overtones (planets) which have their own overtones and so on.

In fact, modern-day science is leading to this truth.

Scientists have been working with radio telescopes that can hear sounds in the heavens and have discovered that the universe or at least this galaxy has an underlying note vibrating.  That note in our terms is known as B flat. Also the stars and planets emit their own unique tones. In the 1500s the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler discovered the exact unique notes that each planet emits and many ancient mystics have talked of” the music of the spheres”.  My wife and I made a Hawaiian album called “The Calling” and in the first song we have a recording of a pulse, a low frequency beat from a radio telescope recording coming from the Sun. So when my wife sings, she is literally being accompanied by the Sun.

Plato said that the first rule in keeping a culture stable is “allow no new forms of music to enter that culture”. What he is saying is that in general, music does not follow the culture, the culture follows the music. It is like the Pied Piper! There are many examples. Wagner created Hitler. And Hitler said “if you want to understand me, you have to understand Wagner”. (It’s interesting to note that after Wagner came the composer Malher, who wrote heart breakingly sad music, his best work is called Das Kinder Toten =music for dead infants). Excellent music for the holocaust).  Handel created the English Victorian era. And God knows what Elvis Presley created.  Notice that in cultures where the music doesn’t change, the culture remains rather the same, for example look at the history of India and China.

When I perform concerts, I realize that each piece creates a universe that I am taking the audience into. And towards the last part of the concert when I go into improvisation I ask members of the audience “what universe do you want to go into?’ and we go there through music. That gets pretty interesting. One lady wanted to go where her 3-year-old son who had just died was living in the spirit world. Whew! She allowed me to put my hand on her heart so I could delve into there through her own heart and by God we went there and set it to music. Needless to say there were joyous tears all around. In another concert someone said the planet Uranus. Well, we got there but it was just simply too uncomfortable. So I have a new rule for concerts. All universes have to be near or around Earth. Spirit world, past, present or future, no problem, but near Earth.

How do I do all this? First I become nothing, pure emptiness or as the Bible says “be still and know I am God “Then I imagine myself being that person or universe or planet. I am literally being that. Then I go into the magic rule which states “take what you get“. After being that person, or time or space I ask “If this was a piece of music, what would it sound like.” Now I’m in the very substance of this universe. Then I take what I get and play it on my musical instrument.  This by the way takes guts. In one concert during the improvising part, I was doing  “psychic readings set to music on members of the audience” and I was reading this lady and so I “stopped the world” and then I was inside her body, feeling what it was like to be her and then I was her. Well, someone timed it and I sat in front of the piano for a good 6 minutes in silence and the audience was getting jittery feeling “lets get the show moving”. Finally I played her musical portrait and she liked it and said that was really her and everything was fine. However, I then in front of the audience asked her “do you have trouble starting things?” and she had 3 friends sitting next to her who started howling and laughing yelling “that’s right, that’s right, that’s her !!!”  So as you can see there I was in front of an audience being someone who has trouble starting things and I can barely start her portrait.

Sound Leads to Substance

When I want to know the form of someone, I look at him or her. If I want to know the possibilities of someone, I smell them. (Have you ever watched an animal wake up in the morning and start sniffing out the possibilities in the air?) If I want to know how someone feels I touch them or imagine myself inside their body being them and feeling them.  However, if I want to know the substance of somebody, I listen to him or her. Sound leads to substance, it takes you there.

Let’s take a look at using sound for teleportation. I have read about people who are on the drug LSD who listen to an overflying airplane so intently that all of a sudden their soul and awareness is in the airplane, looking at the passengers. Sound leads to substance.  Another example, when I’m playing my keyboard in concerts, there have been many experiences like this: Someone in the audience is listening to me so intently that all of a sudden it feels like that person is sitting right next to me or their in my body. “Whoa!  Well, hi there!”  It’s as if their own awareness has left their body and wound up in my body. It’s a rather strange, surprising and beautiful experience. I have asked other musicians about that and they have had the same experiences. Sound carries you to substance.

You can imagine how embarrassed my wife gets when we are out in public and I have my eyes closed and I’m warbling around like I’m in some kind of ecstasy. Well, the truth is that I’m so intently listening to whose talking that I’m hearing the feelings and overtones of that person in a rather ecstatic way. Now I know where that person is coming from, I know that person’s substance.

You’d be surprised at what sound carries. For example, sound carries smell. A fun thing I do when I’m on the phone is all of a sudden I’ll say ” Oh, that’s nice perfume your wearing” and they say ” Oh, how did you know?” Well, that’s because I can smell them from the sound coming through the phone and carrying the smell. In cowboy movies I can sometimes even smell the horses. Here is another example. If I had a recording of His Holiness the Dali Lama meditating, all you would hear is at best a soft shshshshshs or nothing at all. However if I played that recording in a room full of people, that room would change dramatically. That universal macrocosm vibration that he is in is very contagious (everybody’s dying for it) and it carries through the recording and affects everybody in the room beautifully. Conversely, if I had a recording of say a paranoid schizophrenic homicidal prison with all the inmates sleeping, you would hear at best a soft shshshshshs or nothing at all. Now I could play that recording in a room full of people and we’d all be having some really strange thoughts all of a sudden. Sound leads to substance.

To experience all this, there is a simple Buddhist technique that leads you there. (Do not let the simplicity of this technique fool you. It’s as if simplicity and power are synonymous) This technique simply says “sit with your eyes shut and listen to the farthest sound”. I’ll never forget the first time I did it. I was in a building in San Francisco. At first I could hear traffic and cars outside. Then I found that I could hear further than I thought. I could even hear a blender roaring at a juice bar down the block. After a while, I was all of the people and machines downtown by listening to the symphony of so many sounds of love. And yes, there was a deep undercurrent of love there. It felt like I was more than just a body-mind, it felt like I was all of this area.

John Philip Sousa, Gershwin, and Beethoven said that they got some of their music by listening to the many sounds of civilization singing in a hidden harmony together.

So with all this talk of sound, you might ask “what is music”. My own definition is “mankind’s use of sound in order to attain higher and deeper states of awareness, either by listening or creating”. However nobody beats Louis Armstrong’s definition,”you’ll know it when you feel it”. Which leads to our next important point.

Intention + Frequency = Healing

This is a formula from Jonathan Goldman (a well known music healer and balancer). So lets go into this a bit. I was talking to some people from the Heart Math Institute in California. They were telling me of an experiment that the Berkley School of Medicine did. What they did was take some people and measure the strength of their immune system and then put them in a room and played recorded music for them. Then immediately afterward, measured the strength of their immune system to see if the music had any effect on their bodies. Well, to make a long story short, they discovered that It’s not so much the form of the music that does the healing as the state that the musician is in while making the music that does the healing.

I remember playing a concert in Alaska and I wowed the audience with a piece of mine called ‘”The Flaming Erection”. There was a standing ovation and they loved me. However, after me came a rather plump not so good looking American Indian lady who sang a simple chant and wow! They forgot about me! Whew! Her essence was amazing. American Indians are very good at calling forth energies. That’s why you have to honor them and their gifts or you can get sick or have a car wreck. Once again, it’s the substance that counts! Where are you coming from? What is your intention?

In my own experience I’ve noticed that when people are playing music to “be famous”, to shows and it sounds shallow. But when people play music with an attitude of service it really shows! It’s like J.S, Bach said “The sole purpose of music is none other than the glorification of God”.  This is when you are real.  Love.

However, there are some forms of music that have certain effects on the body. For example when Heavy Metal Music was played in the above experiment, some people’s immune system went down as much as 15 and 20%. Mozart’s music has little effect on the body but instead creates a higher IQ. Also compare music to diet. To me, the final say in diet is alkaline verses acidic food. Cancer and heart disease hates a diet of 80% alkaline and 20% acidic food.   From my own experience I’ve noticed that certain timbres (colors of sound) have an alkaline or acidic effect on the body. Alkaline sounds (and food) tends to give me a sense of well being where as acidic sounds (and food) are good for a wild Saturday night or a kick ass football game. You can easily imagine what sounds are what. A warm mother’s voice tends to be alkaline and a heavy steel guitar tends to be acidic. (For more details on this diet Google Dr. Young.)

To Heal Is To Make Whole

Drums and Bass moves the pelvis. The power of God. Africa, South America, “I got the Power” boom boom boom!

Harmonies move the Heart and emotions. The love of God. The heart area has a lot to do with relationships. Harmony has to do with relationships between notes.  The Mediterranean, Mexico, Tibetan Monasteries. Love, romance, unity.

The Melody and Words move the mind. The clarity of God.  The melody gives the mind something to grab on to. German scientist, Russian Scientist, English scientist, Nobel Prize, “Now I understand everything”.

A while back me and my wife, Kutira were performing at Agape Church in a service and after we played, Rev. Michael Beckwith said during the sermon the these exact words. I was rather shocked that he was reading my mind so articulately.

“Probably the most powerful music is music that moves the body, opens the heart and inspires the mind, all at the same time”

Can there be music that moves the body as good as James Brown, opens the heart as deep as a Schubert’s Ave Maria and inspires the mind into astral realms like Handel’s Messiah all at the same time? The closest I’ve got is when I have my choir sing a special type of gospel or Vivaldi’s Gloria with Olatunji style congas. Ecstasy!

New Discovery!

Now, what happens when you add into this total music a sound that opens and brings forth the soul (macrocosm, eternity, the 7th chakra), all at the same time? Remember. Macrocosm (emptiness, let go) is very contagious. This is a revolution in gospel and other music. What I do is have about 3 singers go to the side of the choir and sing a long single common note in a state of deep emptiness. This can take a lot of discipline. Because when they are singing this high one note over and over with their eyes shut in a deep state of emptiness and vulnerability, the rest of the choir and congregation is singing and shouting and going crazy and throwing chairs and what not, at the same time.

I could write a book about the miracles that have happened when doing this.

One common experience is this: “I was singing in the choir and all of a sudden I was floating above my self looking at myself singing”. Or ” I could feel everybody’s heart beating in the room, I was everybody’s heart beating.” Or there was one time when we did this and we accidentally “stopped the world” on the last half of the song and nobody could remember singing the last half of the song “what happened?!”  We later listened to a recording and it sounded pretty good! Dr. Deepak Chopra tells us that that emptiness, that “macrocosm” is who we really are and the mind body is only a small part of who we really are. If we don’t spend some time each day being who we really are =meditation- then we tend to get off balance. Kind of like the whole world is. So it is obvious that having music that puts us into macrocosm (especially while all the rest of the parts of our being are being moved by music) is deeply important for balancing and music healing.  To heal is to make whole.

By the way. You’ll notice that in my writings I tend to repeat myself, which leads us to another golden rule.

Repetition breeds power.

And lastly, come from your own honest and deep experience first, they’ll feel it.   Amen

For the Body Mind Morphing section

In a wonderful book” Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, they point out that “the human mind is the ultimate prison” and that new freedom is evolving at the heart of humanity’s evolution. “It is freedom from limiting and unwanted subconscious programming”.

In their book they point out that scientist use to tell us that we inherit our traits from our DNA. However, that “scientific truth” has changed. In order to hold on to that old Darwinian-Newtonian belief some scientist point out stories about twins who don’t know each other having extremely similar lives. But what they don’t tell you is that those stories are extremely rare and do not consider other factors.  Our Inherited DNA are simply blue prints to be acted upon. If you have a paper with a blue print on it , that paper cannot activate anything unless it is acted upon. Same with DNA. So what activates DNA?  Our perception. Especially in the first 6 years of life when there is little self-awareness and we are so very open. For example if a father tells a young boy “You don’t deserve the toy!” Well, that registers in the boy’s subconscious and from then on certain DNA parts are activated. And that activation is stored in the subconscious mind which is a cold “unconscious” computer storehouse that receives and gives information with basic beliefs from the past stored in it.

So the question begs, how do we free ourselves from these powerful and limiting subconscious programs? The first rule of healing is make the darkness visible, bring it into the light!  Realize that we have a shadow side and instead of condemning ourselves and others or going into helpless victimhood (and that really makes you a victim) , realize that our past mistakes were stepping stones for the growth that got us to where we are now.

They point out that “The pathway for change involves at least three fundamental elements: intention, choice and practice”.

Intention=”a great declaration of purpose and direction”.
Choice= “daily conscious choices”, Repetition breads power.
Practice=”Heaven is not a destination, it is a practice”.

From the viewpoint of BMM we realize that just thinking is not going to accomplish our freedom. To heal is to make whole. That includes the body, mind and soul. So as we clean the mind, we clean the body at the same time. Scientist have finally shown us what mystics for thousands of years have been saying. The body and mind are one. Scientist are now telling us that the same cells in our brains that hold memory are the same cells in for example the organ of the heart and other parts of the body that also hold memories. There is no separation between the body and the mind.


At our Maui Eco Retreat center we have hosted many powerful healers. While hosting a representative from the Italian Damanhur community (which has made great progress in alternative health and sustainability), they told us that when the Cherbynol nuclear accident sent waves of radiation across Europe and into their food and animals, they realized that they could not survive without considering the rest of the world. We are all connected.

In their book “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman we discover that in the first billions of years or earth, there were billions of single cell beings on our planet. Evolution seeks more awareness so these single cells discovered that when they join with others, their awareness becomes greater and they become plants.  fish ,animals and humans. They are still unique individuals and yet have the awareness of a greater whole.  Similarly, in the history of man, we came together as tribes, countries and religions and gained greater consciousness. This created specialization. For example some cells (humans) took the job of defense or nourishment or expression. It is now generally agreed by most awake people that in order for humanity to survive on this planet we as a whole have to attain a higher states of awareness. That would mean that we humans join together and experience our unity and become all humanity. And yet retain the dignity of the unique individual. Does that sound like a very ecstatic experience? Oh Yes! And that would definitely create a greater awareness. Now after we unite and experience ourselves as one body, you have a unified planet. So obviously the next step is for this planet to merge with other stars and planets. And we as unique and individual single cells (humans) gain greater awareness.

So the question begs, how do we get to that greater unity which we so desperately need?  By cleaning ourselves up, both inwardly and out warily   His Holiness the Dalai Lama points out that even more than meditation, self examination is the fastest way to enlightenment. Bring the darkness into the light! In this practice it is always good to find the root of the darkness. If you heal the root, you don’t have to deal with a thousand branches. So what is the root of evil on this planet? Many spiritual leaders say that it is our belief that we are separate from God or the divine that is the root. That may be, but that is a bit ethereal for me.  It appears to me the root of all-evil on earth is this.

Golden calf + scapegoat= death, destruction and violence

Golden Calf means superior race or superior religion or superior form of government or what ever. Scapegoat means we don’t want to look at our own manure so we project it on to some one else. You can easily see this in the war like history of mankind. You can also see this in individuals. When you consciously hurt or manipulate or rob someone of free will you take the position of superiority and in order to hide your own guilt you project it on some one else.

So the obvious cure is to let go of the golden calves. We are all equal! And as His Holiness the Dalai Lama points out, this will take lots of action, awareness and compassion.

Love is the recognition that you and I are the same being. There is only one person writing this book. There is only one person reading this book. At the very least, you have to admit, looking at your history books and your own life, love inspires unity.







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