Meeting Gabriel Roth in the Spirit World

Loralei SinKar was a singer with a voice like Anya. She was like a Deva Premal of the ’80s and she died in 2000. When she died I didn’t pray for her or anything.  I thought, “come on, she’s a six-level mature soul like me, “been there done that”.

However, after she died, for twelve nights in a row she came and whisked me up when I was sleeping and showed me all around.  She showed me the library, the Elysian Fields where we composed a song (which is still sung at Unity Church every Sunday) and she took me to a cathedral where we flew through mandalas into different universes.

OK, Here we go. One night she whisked me up and I was in kind of a cream gentle white light and I was part of a round circle of souls. We were like a shimmering circle. Each soul looked basically like a gold candle flame. I looked over and saw Lorlei and she still had somewhat of a human form and she was still doing that “do I deserve this much love” routine as the rest of us were giggling at that.

What happened next was a dance. Our circle would shimmer and shimmer and whoosh- ecstasy, Unity!! A wave of unconditional love: moving, being———Theeeen we would ecstatically come down and be somewhat of individuals.  It was continuous ecstatic waves.

Now it turns out that one of the souls in that circle was Gabrielle Roth. Gabriel was a shaman who created the “5 Rhythms” and  “Sweat your Prayers,” which are known worldwide. Google her name and you’ll find an amazing universe.

So what does she do?  She jumps in the middle of the circle and dances with whirlwind rainbow colors flowing all over, I mean WHOA! I mean WHOOOAAA! !

As I went into doubt, I thought, “Well, She’s still alive….and well, so am I.”  I thought it must be my imagination. This caused a disturbance in the circle. And the soul next to me (whoever that was) yelled at me saying, “it’s OK, that’s really her, relax!” So what does Gabriel do? She jumps in front of me and there is a golden flame in front of me and out of that comes the physical form of her face, close right in front of me. OK, I give up that’s really her. “But why?”

The first time I met Gabrielle back in 1972 she turned around, looked at me, and it was as if her face jumped right in front of me. I didn’t think much of it, it was just another miracle happening in those days. However, since then I’ve met three other people who had the same experience. It seems to be a pattern of hers.

Have you ever noticed that in Dreamtime there’s not much talking, that’s because sound in the spirit world is a big thing that changes the vibration around dramatically? However, Gabriel said, “Oh Raphael, I still love you but your clothes are so old-fashioned!”  I gasped and stupidly looked down at my light body knowing there were no clothes there anyway. Now you know and I know that when you receive a message like that there’s always a meaning underneath that! All right, I cling to the past a lot. Give me a break, I’m an Aries.

All this was just too much for me. I had a slight fear that I might get lost and not make it back to my body. So I said, “I love you all very much but I’m going back to my body”. I guess you can create spells on earth but in the spirit world, Wow!  All of a sudden there was a feeling of up and down and as I was flowing down. Gabrielle put a spell on me. It was as if she hit me in the forehead three times and shouted, “remember, remember, remember.”  And that ladies and gentlemen is why I’m still remembering.








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