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Chapter 2: Reincarnation from a Child’s Point of View
Southern Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sharp Family Home
Fall 1954

Raphael Fred Sharp was a happy boy.  He was soft, round, and free to create.  On this night, he was happier than anything!  His father was sleeping at the office, and he got to sleep in the big bed with Mommy.

Little Raphael had heard his Mommy and Daddy screaming all over the place.  The room shook. Raphael had felt it just as he felt his mother’s sadness, and so he felt a little sad himself.  Dressed in night clothes, they knelt down on the carpeted floor to say their prayers.  Mrs. Sharp said one, “Our Father,” and one “Hail Mary,” and listened as her son did the same.  Then they each said a few prayers for what they really wanted and other prayers for the outside world.  Then the mother and child cuddled into bed.

Raphael didn’t feel himself drifting to sleep but he felt himself enter the dream realm.  “Next thing I knew I had fallen asleep.  There was light all around, kind of grey light.  It was mystical and strange but there was a lot of comfort in it.  I felt souls gathering around myself and my mom, who was in front of me and who I could somewhat see as lines of light.  Then I heard her voice, ‘Now, Son, when I’m gone you be a good boy, ok?’”

“Yes mom, I’m going to be a good boy,”  I said immediately.  Then she repeated it to me and I repeated it to her.

I woke up and saw my mother gasping for air.  It was a heart attack.  The world was still magical in my young dream state, but by God, I knew our address and I knew how to dial zero.  That little six-year-old boy managed to turn on the porch light and wait for the ambulance.

They came and picked up Hannah Doety and put oxygen on her face and took her to the nearby St. John’s Hospital.  Finally, at about three in the morning dad came and I slept.  The next day it was time to start first grade.  On the way to school, I asked dad, “Do you think mama’s going to live?”

“I don’t know,” Raphael said.

I suffered through that first day of first grade and then dad made me an old-fashioned sausage, gravy and biscuit Oklahoma dinner.  That night I went to sleep and had a dream.  From a child’s point of view, it was rather all of a sudden.

I was a man, in Spain, Napoleon’s time.  I was standing in a line, waiting to face the firing squad.  However, I was in Heaven.

As a good Catholic man, I gave in and walked towards my death.  I was comfortable and gave comfort to those around me who were groaning and falling down.  I came upon the guns, blessed the soldiers, and died.

I woke to feel refreshed.  It was as if I was not identifying with just this personality but with myself.  I was rejuvenated.

There are times when your higher self will allow you to remember a past lifetime so that you don’t have to relearn the same lesson again.  Looking back, I know that this dream was my higher self taking me to a time when I was not afraid of death so that the lesson would not have to be relearned again.  Amen.







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