“Our private session with Kutira and Raphael was truly an awakening experience. It was far more than we could have imagined.”
– Tom and Janice Manning


Private Sessions

“Far more than we could have imagined.”  That’s what we usually hear after 25 years of giving private sessions. There is a certain unique expression and mature love in these sessions that create a safe space to go deep into our own being. This includes the body as well as the soul. To heal is to make whole.

As long as 5,000 years ago the Taoists, Christian, Yoga, Tantric and Ethnic Shamanic masters devised simple, clear and dynamic techniques for aligning the body with both the forces of nature and spirit. These techniques also strengthen the immune system and give us a strong sense of well-being.  Embodied Spirituality shows us that when these techniques are empowered with the heart, they become “miraculous” and lead to an experience of the divine

“The beauty of Embodied Spirituality is that intends to produce results now, it tends to be instant! If you have constipation, we can heal that now. If you have a relationship problem, we heal that now! In other words, you don’t have to do a practice for months and hope to get there later. This naturally happens when we align ourselves with the divine.”

There is a Reiki beyond Reiki. There is a way of healing relationships beyond most present-day paths. There is a way of rejuvenating our bodies beyond most people’s imagination.


For those who want to strengthen and deepen their relationships, Embodied Spirituality offers a simple way in which partners communicate not just mind to mind, heart to heart, and body to body; but also soul to soul, eternity to eternity. And that dynamically breaks through barriers!

Your Body

For those who want to experience being more at home one their body, heart and mind. These private sessions come from a long lineage of wisdom where we go into a deep intuition and see what is needed for your personal growth. Kutira and Raphael have a 25-year history of filling in the gap of what is missing in the unique individual’s awareness. To heal is to make whole.

Please contact  KAHUA Institute to arrange a private session.

“I have traveled the world and have been part of many groups with world-famous teachers. But the sweetness of Raphael’s and Kutira’s workshop, I have not felt anywhere. It was so playful and deep at the same time and the physical space the workshop is held in is superbly divine and beautiful. If you want to give yourself a treat, I recommended it deeply. It was a great gift to me. Thank you Raphael and Kutira.”
-Surati Glombitza, Byron Bay Australia










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